Yes, there is a connection between alcohol consumption and anxiety attacks. Some might argue that alcohol has little or nothing to do with anxiety, but experts beg to differ. How so? In our pervious anxiety attack articles, we talked about how anxiety slowly builds up. We also mentioned that alcohol has a role to play in escalating anxiety because of its intoxicating effects.

The only reason that alcohol does not immediately induce anxiety is because of its slow damage rate. Moreover, if you consume alcohol beverages once in a blue moon, you have nothing to fear. For regular drinkers, alcohol not only possesses body related issues, but it also encourages the brain to develop anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety in Context of Alcohol Consumption:

As stated earlier, alcohol does not directly cause anxiety attacks. However, it does contribute to building up anxious feelings. Same goes for alcohol and panic attacks as they both have an indirect relationship. Some of the reasons for anxiety development due to excessive alcohol intake are:


  • Dehydration: When your body is depleted of water, it induces paranoia and anxiety. Since alcohol is diuretic in nature, you will end up urinating more water out of your system. This water is taken from other parts of the body, hence causing a deficiency all over. As a result, anxiety starts to get worse and sometimes it triggers panic attacks.


  • Cold and Flu: Alcohol hangover induces flue like symptoms on people. The person feels a wringing sensation in his/her ears; the body feels pain all over and it often breaks into a panic attack event. Because the body cannot calibrate space and time continuum, it catalyzes anxiety as well.


  • Dizziness: While and after drinking, the said individual starts feeling dizziness. Women have a slightly high resistance to alcohol induced dizziness. But once it starts, the situation becomes grave as compared to dizziness state in men. The entire episode is accompanied by heart palpitations, sinking feeling, depression and anxiety.

Last but not the least; there are stressful mistakes that are a direct result of alcohol intake. Often labeled: “Foolish Mistakes”, such actions can indicate anxiety or panic attack series. At times, the consequences of alcohol consumption can be life altering. For more details on this topic, consult with specialists and your psychologist. Good luck.


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