Anxiety attacks are not an uncommon mental condition. Both men and women are prone to it. That being said, the symptoms of Anxiety attacks in men are quite different than the ones from women’s. You see, men do not share things easily. There is a huge percentage of males who would try to deal with their problems on their own.

Guys think that by working through the crisis, they will be able to handle it. In other words, not spilling the beans looks like the best choice at hands. In many cases, this strategy does work. However there is a crisis situation that calls for help. Men need to talk out their anxieties before they turn into attacks!

Anxiety Attacks in Men – Why Men are Prone to Them?

There is no specific reason for anxiety development. It takes years for anxiety feelings to build up inside a person. Take a little boy who is constantly bullied at school as an example. Such an individual will grow up, he will be pushed around and there will be a point when the panic attacks will start kicking in. Other reasons could be relationship stress, monetary problems, mental torture – so on and so forth.

In technical terms, men don’t really fall victim to Anxiety attacks. They fall victim to “panic attacks/ panic disorders”. All the more, both these attack types are not that much different from one another. Therefore the treatment and symptoms are somewhat similar.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Men – As Seen by Doctors:

As stated earlier, anxiety builds up; it takes time until it overloads in a man. Known as “Generalized Anxiety Disorder”, it is a condition where a man has to deal with the same mental trauma on daily basis. The problem initially looks small until it grows bigger and serious.

The man in this situation is constantly trying to deal with these issues. He is not realizing the fact that he needs to seek help. Therefore, Anxiety symptoms such as the following, develop one by one:

  • Insomnia: Lack of sleep is one of the initial anxiety symptoms.
  • Lack of Hunger: Not feeling hungry today? How about yesterday or the day before yesterday?
  • Difficulty Focusing: Men have trouble focusing on things that are going around them. Their mind keeps going back to a specific memory or a problem. There comes a point when they are always thinking about that specific incident, person, an issue that has been haunting them for a long time.

The above Anxiety symptoms were just the tip of the iceberg. To know more about Anxiety attacks in men, please continue to hang out at this wonderful website.


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