Both men and women are prone to Anxiety attacks. Women have a slightly different profile for developing anxiety symptoms. Nonetheless, the treatment process is almost similar to the men’s. You have to understand that anxiety is a very common but highly overlooked problem in a woman’s case.

Women sometimes don’t understand that the type of emotions they are going through; they could be adding up to development of anxiety symptoms. Day in; day out, the same routine continues to stain their emotional profile. Finally, there comes a point when a serious action needs to be taken. Anxiety attacks are on the rise and so are the symptoms. Women think that anxiety attacks are not worth mentioning because they typically confuse those feelings with “normal” midlife crisis feelings.

Anxiety Symptoms in Women?

Anxiety is mood dependent, which means that women suffer from attacks when a specific mood pattern is experienced. It could be sadness, it could be a melancholic feeling, it could be the inevitability of time itself. “To fight or to flight” is perhaps the accurate phrase that can be used to describe anxiety symptoms in women.

The most common feeling is the feeling of “doom”. Women feel fear, which is mostly from imagined situations. The “what if” kind of negative feelings harbor more negative feelings – so on and so forth. Then there comes a choking sensation where a woman reports body chills and Goosebumps. Such symptoms are psychological symptoms.

When the aforementioned symptoms are occurring, or have occurred, there are physiological symptoms to look for as well. For instance, females feel palpitation of heart, short breathing, chest pain and such symptoms. Dizziness and trembling are among other physiological symptoms for anxiety in women. The point is that it is a little complicated to pinpoint the exact Anxiety attack symptoms in women because most of them are of general nature.

Take the example of abdominal distress. Some women experience a feeling similar to vomiting when they are stressed out. There is exaggerated tension in life which causes such feelings to flare. On a general scale, women find it hard to deal with Anxiety symptoms because of the unawareness factor. There have been tons of men and women who never knew that they were victims of anxiety until years later after developing the “disease”.

To best understand anxiety attacks in men and women, continue to visit this website on regular basis. Also engage at online anxiety forums so that you can share experiences with other people just like you. Good luck.


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