Let’s be honest for a second here. You are a person who has been an anxiety attack victim, you need help, and you figured out that medication wasn’t helping much. Trust me, I had a friend who was hooked on to anti-anxiety medication for a long time. It was to no avail.

The doctors basically prescribe antidepressants and anxiety attack medicines, which are not only expensive but they also incur side effects on the brain. For starters, your brain starts to process things slowly. Science believes that by slowing down a person’s brain activity, in other words by artificially inducing laziness, anxiety attacks can be dealt with.

From a patient’s perspective, it isn’t doing him any good because he starts feeling more anxious. Same goes for panic attacks. Yes, even though it is true that panic attacks are an altered state of mind where medication serves its purpose, there are times when medicines are not effective. This is where natural remedies to anxiety attacks come in.

What really works during an anxiety attack? What if you just ran out of your pills and have nothing to hold on to? In such situations you have to realize that anxiety is just your imagination at its worst. People who have experienced anxiety attacks, report their experiences as:

-          I am not a strong person. I cannot deal with this situation.

-          I am feeling suicidal at the moment.

-          I am going to pass out.

-          Things are not looking bright. I need to get out of here now.

-          It looks like I am having a heart attack.

What Really Works During an Anxiety Attack?

Learn to accept the fact that you are panicking. By giving yourself into the realization, it will make you accept things and cope with them. Secondly, even though you are aware of the anxiety attack, you are not supposed to go with the flow. Do you know what that means? It means that you are supposed to shift your thinking to something positive.

Anxiety and panic attacks are a culmination of negative feelings. You need to replace those negative feelings with positive ones. This is only possible by taking small baby steps at a time. If you are going to stick with anxiety medicines, you will never be able to get those negative feelings out of you. Learn to take control and get rid of anxiety once and for all.


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