“You are what you eat” – it is a common expression that is being used these days. Some people use it for weight loss and fitness purposes while others have a completely different definition. For instance, take doctors and psychologists. They believe that food influences the body’s chemical make up, the way human beings act and react to different things – so on and so forth.

We move on to emotions now. Scientifically speaking, emotions are a chemical imbalance or balance of the body, depending on whatever the situation might be. If you are feeling happy, your body is triggering specific chemicals to make you feel that emotion. Likewise, when you are feeling sad, or having an anxiety attack, it is the appropriate imbalance of chemicals that’s making you experience it.

Anxiety Diet Regimen – Does Food Influence Anxiety?

Food influences us both emotionally and physically. There’s no denying to the fact that the right kind of food and body composition influences our emotional profile. You have seen overweight people; do you know how they react? Obese individuals are more emotional, they are prone to sadness, hurt and random decisions.

When we talk about anxiety attacks, we need to apply the same food + emotion theory. The rule of the thumb or any good doctor would suggest that an anxiety patient needs to stick with anxiety diet. Of course medicine has its importance but diet factors cannot be overemphasized any further.

Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimal. It is just a start. Scientists have conducted research that reports alcohol’s negative influence on a person’s emotional profile. Too much alcohol consumption will ravage the body over time. You will start feeling anxious – hence causing the entire system to go out of balance.

It is all about getting into a specific body rhythm. Now that we have established the ground concept about food’s influence on a person with anxiety disorders, it is time to discuss about diet in detail. Anxiety diet is just a combination of balanced food, healthy lifestyle and a hearty breakfast.

You are supposed to eat three to four meals a day, while never eating to your stomach’s maximum limit. Have a nutritious breakfast. If you don’t know what “nutrition” is – go to a nutritionist. He’ll tell you that an anxiety attack patient needs to stick with oatmeal, vegetables, lots of water, corn flakes – so on and so forth.

In the end, we wouldn’t be worried about anxiety attacks if we always ate the right kinds of food. Human beings have just complicated their lives too much with unwanted stuff. Live, love and be happy.