There is a long debate to be had on the subject of what triggers panic and anxiety attacks. In both cases, there are a series of underlying issues that contribute to the development of these mental disorders. Then again, there are several serious problems that are not only confusing but also regarded by professionals as core reasons for anxiety attack and panic attacks.

Causal Differences between Anxiety and Panic:

Certain incidents that cause a person to “panic” do not have to be similar for an anxiety attack patient. However, since both mental disorders are of similar nature, an anxiety patient might react to the panic situation in the same way. For instance, we talked about natural disasters in one of the articles at this website.

A normal person is liable to panic during natural disasters. An anxiety person will also have an anxiety attack if the certain natural disaster has a connection to the history of his condition. A simple fire incident could have an impact on a child’s brain. Years later, a natural disaster of similar nature could trigger anxiety in such individual’s mind.

  • Life or Something Like It:

Life experiences have a very important role to play from the perspective of anxiety and panic attacks. Traumatic events can lead to developing either anxiety or panic attacks. This is certainly true when the person is introvert and does not like to talk out his or her problems.

Guys are as much likely to develop anxiety as women are. In both cases, the said individual will think of the traumatic events as something “personal”. Not sharing them will flare the mental disorder.

  • Gender Difference:

As human beings, we have primeval differences. Men have their own emotional profile; women have their own. In a woman’s case, she has 50% increased chances of developing anxiety or panic because of the nurturing nature. Women normally take emotional incidents deeply. Therefore they are exposed to either one of the mental disorders most of the time.

  • Medical Condition:

Last but not the least; a person’s medical history also comes into play. According to the experts from the American Heart Foundation, there is a strong link between panic attacks and mitral valve prolapse. You must have experienced a situation or heard someone say, “Hey, I think I am having a heart attack.” In a panic attack’s case, the patient will not die; as the heart attack feeling is just a fleeting sensation.

However, MVP attacks also possess the same symptoms as of panic attacks. Therefore it could be said that medical condition of a person has a vital role to play in the perspective of panic attacks. For further information about panic and anxiety feelings, hang around this website. Share articles and your experiences through the comments below.